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Being love vs being Loved 💖


There’s a difference between being love and being loved.

Being Love 💖

When you’re being love, you are practicing kindness, embracing peace and you’re allowing yourself to just be, no overworking, no worrying or stressing about the past or future. It’s all about staying humble and freeing your mind from all of life’s daily struggles. There is no time to compete or compare your life with anyone because you are focused on being a better person. You help others without expecting anything in return. You have love for those who hurt you, even if they can’t admit it. Now, I’m not saying to become a doormat or pushover, I’m simply saying, that you know better so you should do better.

Being Loved 💖

When you focus on being loved, you automatically lose you authenticity. You’re trying to please everyone, just for them to love you. You go out of your way to prove, that you have the best material things, you’re the smartest and you’re the best in every area of your life. You know that it’s all a lie, but it makes you feel good to be praised by others. It’s very sad that most people can’t be themselves and need to pretend just to get affection from others. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to gain some courage, be bold and start fresh. You need to BREAK FREE from this tormented, suffering and very predictable life that you’re living. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!! It’s time for you to cut out your selfish ways and start caring about someone other than yourself. There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are and celebrating your accomplishments, but you must be true to yourself at all times. You are not above anyone and as soon as you give yourself a chance to see this… your life will be fulfilled.

Always focus on being love and never try to be loved by anyone…it will come naturally.

Being Love vs Being Loved (Listening Session)

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Daily Inspiration by: Nickesha Lovelace

Forgiveness is for you, it’s not for the person who hurt you. You must forgive, let go and move on with your life. Now, I know that it’s not easy to forgive, especially if that someone who’ve hurt you, doesn’t care or even acknowledge the fact that they caused you pain. That doesn’t matter, you need to heal and if you don’t forgive and let go of the hurt and pain, you will suffer forever. You can make a phone call, see them face to face or simply sit to yourself and release these 3 powerful words into the universe “I FORGIVE YOU” !! Whisper it under your breath or yell it at the top of your lungs, “I FORGIVE YOU.” It works either way and it will surly help you to heal. Once it’s all said and done, you will feel so much better for unloading the burdens that you’ve…

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If it’s not working out, stop trying to work it out !!

Daily Inspiration by: Nickesha Lovelace

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If it’s not working out, then stop trying to work it out.

2 Examples: Job & Relationship

Dead-End Job

Most stay at a job, for a very long time for the money, insurance or both. No matter how much you get paid, it’s never gonna be enough, because you’re always gonna feel like something is missing. I know this, because I’ve been there. I was good at my job, I was great with customers…but there was a void in my life, that needed to be filled. Now, most find things to fill their void temporarily…partying, sex, shopping etc. But I knew, that I needed a permanent fix. I needed to Find My Passion & Make It Happen!! Believe it or not, I would be at work and would steal some time to hop on my Motivating Page  Nicky’s Motivating Quotes (NMQ)   just to write a quote or positive…

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Don’t Mistake Good Sex For 💕 Love 💕

Daily Inspiration by: Nickesha Lovelace

Ok…let me start by saying, that I am no sex expert or therapist. I’m simply using my wisdom, knowledge and understanding, to bring awareness to all.

Say for instance, you’re dating, in a relationship or married to someone. Your sex life is amazing, everything feels so right when you’re doing anything pertaining to sex. You tell each other I Love You, You’re So Sexy, You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me…and the list goes on and on. Now it’s time to get serious, you want to plan things together, you need help with certain things that requires your partners full attention and sometimes you just want to vent and get some support, from the person who say that they love you more than life itself.

Wait for it…and nothing happens, they are always busy when you need them for anything other than sex. What in the world is…

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Don’t Lose Your Inner Child 💖🌹


Most of us get caught up with work, taking care of our families and we forget to have fun. Everything doesn’t have to be serious, you need time to feel free, be silly, laugh, enjoy yourself…just like an innocent child without worry. I know that this doesn’t make all of your problems go away, but you can give yourself a break every now and then.

If you didn’t have a good childhood, don’t worry, you are not in this alone. Most of us, had not so good to terrible childhoods and would rather not remember or relive those memories. It’s not too late…you are never too old to have fun. Your inner child is waiting to let loose and be free. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, since you were a child. Read your favorite childhood books that brings you great memories. Sometimes, the only good childhood memory you have, is a special book. If like me, you didn’t have bedtime stories or books at home to read, then go out and buy or get books from the library. Read them to yourself, your child or someone special. Pick out a few different ones, mix it up a bit, make it fun.. there’s plenty of categories to choose from.

NRC – Nicky’s Reading Club

I’m inviting you to join my Reading Club for kids books and learning videos. Subscribe To NRC Nicky’s Reading Club

Growing up, I wasn’t a confident reader. I knew how to read, I just never liked it when I was picked to read in class in front of everyone. I was very shy and not used to reading much, unless I had to.

I got into reading more, when I had my first child. I started reading plenty of books to my son and we bonded so well. I enjoyed reading so much, that I created a YouTube channel to share my reading with others. I also started to create my own little stories and learning videos… it’s so much fun. Sometimes my children and I watch the videos together just for fun and sometimes they watch them on their own.

Reading with my children, helped me to bring out my own inner child, that was trapped and waiting to let loose, be silly and have fun. Join NRC Nicky’s Reading Club

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Deal With Your Feelings 💖

Quote: 💖 SOMETIMES 💖14068515_1758958117717278_5490721929382882824_o

I’ve had some people say to me, that this isn’t a positive quote. Like always, my answer would be, if I don’t think that it’s going to help someone, I simply wont share it.

Ok so let’s stop and think for a second, of what this quote means. These are feelings, that you’ve felt before or is experiencing right now. There is nothing wrong with dealing with your feelings. No one is happy 24/7 everyone have days when they just don’t want to be bothered. Sometimes you get in that kind of mood, when you’re trying to figure out things in your life. It can be bills that are due and you’re under a bit of stress because you don’t have enough money at the time. It can be your health or a family member that you’re worried about and need time to yourself, to cope and figure things out. Whatever the case may be… it’s very healthy, to take the time that you need for yourself.

Always take care of you, before you try to take care of anyone else. Know that no one is perfect and everyone have struggles. Do what it takes to deal with your feelings and work through your daily struggles. Sometimes – YouTube Video (subscribe to NMQ)

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– Nickesha Lovelace🌹